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I live in the very North of Phoenix, AZ. I have been married to a wonderful husband for 10+ years. We have 4 great children. (6, 7, 8, and 9) I have the laziest dog and cat on the planet.

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    I don't have any children so I have the ability to just go. I do have a 91 year old mother and a diabetic cat but so far I have been able to work with my sisters to be there for my mom while I am gone and I have a pet sitter who can give insulin shots.

    Best of luck with your sweet special needs child and the rest of the brood. Sounds like you are a wonderful mom.

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    CAM, you should just go to White Stallion alone or with your one little buckaroo!!! I went by myself and met a bunch of great people. Everyone was SOOOOO friendly!!!! And the staff was out of this world.


    Reply from tuffydog:

    I should just to get away. But we have one child with emotional/behavioral special eeds so we try to give the other 3 time away from him. but if I ever take respite. :) Or I wait until Amber is 7. (She's 6 now.)
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    I really like your screen name. It is unique.

    Ellen (dreamweaver)